10 valuable videos you need to watch to understand Bitcoin better

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You should have heard of Bitcoin in Nigeria.

If not...Where have you been in the last five years?

Everyone has been talking about it even though the majority don't have a clear understanding yet.

But it’s okay if you haven't heard though, or you don't understand what it is about, our ​blog strives to make it ridiculously easy for you to understand.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett likes to say “Never invest in a business you cannot understand."

These videos can give you a basic idea about cryptoassets, however, to take a deeper dive into the world of Bitcoin, this post will help you navigate clearly.  

Also in here, you'll learn about the role of Blockchain in our future. 

1. Bitcoin explained and made simple.

In 190 seconds you can get an overview of the development of Bitcoin.

The clean and simple illustration explains the evolution of Bitcoin, why it's needed, and its impact on the world.

Also touches on how Bitcoin can effectively replace the middlemen (banks and payment processing companies).

2. What is Blockchain?

We are sure you already heard a lot of the disruptive potential of Blockchain -- the hype that it could totally  wipe out our traditional financial system and even people's jobs.

But, how true is that?

We don't know that. What we do know is that every cryptocurrency is built on this remarkable technology.

Find out more by watching this particular video. It breaks down the technology for easy comprehension.

3. What is cryptocurrency?

You have just learnt what bitcoin and blockchain is about. 

But did you know that not all cryptocurrency is Bitcoin?

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there right now. Learn more about other cryptocurrencies and how you can invest in them.

4. The real value of bitcoin and cryptocurrency

What if there was a technological advancement so powerful that it transforms the very basic pillars of our society?

This video explains the other potential uses of bitcoin technology other than processing payments.

5. What is bitcoin?

You definitely should have heard of bitcoin mining and miners.

This video focuses on bitcoin mining and delivers a rather simplified explanation of the process.

It also explains why bitcoins are always created at a predictable and limited range. 

6. Why the Blockchain matters more than you think

In this video you will learn about the exciting implication Blockchain technology and the profound impact this could have on our lives.

7. The essence of how Bitcoin works

This video does not explain what Bitcoin is or why it matters.

You should have learnt that already in the videos above.

It goes into full details on how Bitcoin actually works.

The video also explains how the system secures trader assets, making sure no one can beat the system and spend money from someone else’s account.

This is a good one. A lot to learn from it.

8. The history of Bitcoin

Curious as to how Bitcoin came about? And the people behind it?

This video explained the details of how it all started including how it metamorphosed into something which is practicably unstoppable now.

9. Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Remember we told you before that not all cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. There are hundreds of them. One such is Ether.

This 3 minute video by CNBC explains the uniqueness of Ether and Bitcoin.

10. How do you secure your cryptocurrency wallet?

You just finished watching some of the videos listed above and you think you are comfortable with ​buying some bitcoins. One of the things you've got to take serious is security.

No one likes to lose their money. Not you...not even a billionaire.

Watch this last video to learn how to secure your cryptocurrency wallet.

You can learn more about other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum.